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AdGaurd Content Blocker 3.4.80 Premium APK

If you’re worried about being hacked or about scams or Ads which cause virus or error in your device than AdGuard is the app which will protect your device from these scams or bugs.

AdGaurd Content Blocker

AdGaurd Content Blocker 3.4.60 Premium APK

Its initial release date was 1st June 2009. This app blocks the Ads before you load your pages and save your device from bugs for free. It tracks the unwanted and dangerous Ads and also protects your privacy. AdGuard is a free app but only for some days after some days, you will need a license to unlock the app. The AdGuard for iOS is free. AdGaurd Content Blocker is also a mobile app. And it is also included in a top-ranked website. Parents are also reliable with this app because it blocks unnecessary Ads and websites from there children. Like nowadays every Ad on the internet is for stealing data and AdGuard prevent your data from stealing and protects your privacy.

What are the Features of AdGuard?

  • AdGuard saves your data and battery.
  • It makes your browsing faster.
  • Block the unwanted Ads, Video Ads and protect your device from scams.
  • Secure your device’s file and Privacy.
  • It allows its user to make rule for what Ad user want to block or hide them.
  • You can Whitelist your favorite websites.
  • AdGuard has all good features for the best web experience.


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