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App Cloner Premium 2.2.1 APK For Android

If you want the copy of the already existing app can do so with the help of the cloner app. This app allows you to install the already existing app in a copy of an app and to create a copy of an app. App Cloner is a legal app. Someone can also clone your cellphone by this app and you can find out if wrong calls come usually on your phone and your device starts behaving strangely. You can change the names and icons of the copied apps.

App Cloner 2.2.1 Premium APK ( Unlocked )

App Cloner 2.2.1 Premium APK

App Cloner Premium APK is an excellent app that allows you to make changes to existing apps on your hone that would otherwise be impossible. Things like changing the font size etc. Now you don’t need to buy another smartphone to use another app as you can install two copies of the same app at a time with the help of App Cloner. Now you don’t need to make more accounts to use apps because app cloner will make your work easy and solve your problems. And the premium version of the app cloner supports 20 apps. There will be not any difference in the copied app from the original app. Download App Cloner and make your work easy and don’t need to buy a new smartphone for work.

What is new in App Cloner Premium APK?

  • Bugs and errors are fixed.
  • Improved the performance of the app.


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