Automatic Call Recorder 6.40 APK for Android – Download

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Automatic Call Recorder 6.40 APK for Android – Download

Automatic Call Recorder 6.40 APK is used to record your phone call which you want to record and it provides the facility to choose which calls you want to save and which are not along with their numbers. The users can set which incoming calls are recorded and which are ignored in the setting. The user can listen to the recording, add notes, and share it with others along with the audio. This APK is one of the call-recording apps that can automatically record incoming and outgoing calls. The users can download and install it easily from the Google Play Store or Automatic Call Recorder APK MOD is available free of cost. The pro version of this app is also available on our site.

 Automatic Call Recorder

Automatic Call Recorder allows you to save and playback any phone call you deem worthy of saving or sharing with a specific person or group. Using this app, you may selectively archive or delete past phone conversations. When you have a discussion recorded, you may annotate it with any details you don’t want to forget the next time you listen to it. Likewise, you may back up your chats to the cloud in case you lose your phone. Additionally, you have control over the recording quality and the location to which all recordings are saved. There are three options, the default one being that the software records all outgoing and incoming phone calls. It can connect with your Google Drive, giving you access to even more cloud space for all of your recorded calls. UC Browser App

Automatic Call Recorder APK MOD Download

You can choose to “ignore all” contacts to prevent the app from recording any of your calls, or you can choose to “ignore” certain contacts to restrict call recording to those on your approved contact list. The Automatic Call Recorder APK MOD is a useful program that records and stores phone conversations. Calls can be recorded in their entirety or selectively. You may also annotate recordings and send them to loved ones. Calls may be recorded, annotated, and shared with others using Automatic Call Recorder. The calls can also be archived in the cloud using services like Dropbox and Google Drive. Google Drive requires Android 3.0 or later, so make sure your phone or tablet is up to date.

Although the software costs money to use, a trial version is available for download. You are under no obligation to buy the app if you test its recording features and are unsatisfied with them. Try recording from other audio sources before making any firm conclusions. A folder called “inbox” is created to store the logged calls. You can keep as many recordings as you like. Your device’s storage capacity is the only possible limitation. If storage space is low, previous recordings will be destroyed to create room for fresh ones. The ‘ saved calls’ feature is where you should put any recordings that you feel are crucial to keeping. The recordings may be accessed in several ways, including by name, phone number, etc. PowerDirector Pro APK


  • Total solution for capturing phone calls
  • There is no maximum number of recordings allowed.
  • Adopting the Cloud
  • Offers a free trial version


  • Not all phones are capable of recording calls.

Basic Features:

  • Users can use app settings to ON/OFF the call recording feature for all phone calls.
  • The user can Play from the call log any time the user wants
  • The user can enable a Call Summary Menu with options to appear directly after a call.
  • If the user decides that a conversation is important, the user can save it and it will be stored in the Saved Calls folder.
  • You can set store location in this app
  • The size of the Automatic call recorder is Small.
  • The users can Select Audio sources to Record during calls.
  • Your calls will be saved automatically into the inbox along with a call number.

What’s New?

  • Users can set the size of the inbox.
  • Recorded calls will be stored in the Inbox.
  • The Pro version of the automatic recorder is paid for but has additional features.
  • You can also integrate your Automatic Call Recorder App with Google Drive.
  • The automatic Call Recorder App will save your call recording automatically to your Google Drive.
  • Also, This app can synchronize your calls with Dropbox.

How To Install The Automatic Call Recorder?

  • Click on the download link above.
  • A new window will open, wait 5 seconds, and click “Skip Ads.”
  • Then open the direct download window.
  • Download and install APK.
  • If you are using a computer, move the app to your phone).
  •  If you have any questions, please let us know, and please comment below.
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  • Also, You Can Free Download the Automatic call recorder from

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