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Careem Apk Car Booking App Free Download_v8.9.9

Careem apk is a transport source.Used to move from place to another place.Thats online application used in android phone and ios phones.that app is too easy to use.This application is remembered in such a way that when you book a car, the driver of that car comes to you.When the driver of the car comes near your location, a message comes on your mobile.You can go to your driver’s location by looking at his mobile screen.

Careem Apk Car Booking App Free Download_v8.9.9

Basic features of the latest Careem apk.

  • It contains many promocodes.
  • You also get points in it.
  • In this, a map opens in which the location of your driver and the difference of your location is known.
  • This includes Artificial Intelligence, due to which he finds the location of you and the driver.
  • If you do not have money, you can still travel on it
  • To create the top one first enters your account which is attached to your Gmail or mobile number.
  • In this, if you want to select language of selection, you can select it and in it you can not talk on the call with anyone else.
  • You can also talk with your driver through this application and talk on the message too.
  • After traveling, you also have to give your driver a Ranking stars.

Special features

  • In it you can see the picture of the driver and the number of the car and the photo of the car
  • You can see the color of the car and the photo of the car.
  • In it you can see the profile of the driver in which he has messed up a good car.

What’s new?

  • You can also enter the drop off location of the place you want to go or you can go to that place by telling the driver
  • If you do not know that place, you have to go somewhere else, you can also change its location.
  • If you have to stay in more than one place, then you can also put more time in this Travel drop off location.

How to install?

  • Click on the Playstore OR APK pure. To install it, you need an Android mobile or IOS mobile.
  • Search on the top of screen careem app.We can install it on the benefits of mobiles.
  • Download from play store and install. After installing it has to be attached with a Facebook account or Google account and phone number.
  • Install the APK File.
  • If you also want to play it in off-computer, let it convert the apk file and take it to the computer.

If you have any questions about thisĀ  Careem app game, then comment me below.

  • We can Install in your different Android APK files. This is the way to install, do not boot for whom first


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