Dead Target APK for Android Download (Unlimited Money)

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Dead Target APK for Android Download (Unlimited Money)

In Dead Target APK, you play the role of the last human standing after a zombie apocalypse. The only way to restore Earth is to locate signs of life and wipe out all the zombies that stalk it.
Feel the dread of the most gruesome zombie assaults in this first-person game. Locate first aid kits to heal your zombie bites and avoid becoming one yourself. If you want to survive the onslaught of zombies in Dead Target and defeat the super warriors, you’d better have good aim and lightning-fast reflexes. In-app purchases are also available for those who wish to expand their arsenal and ensure they have all they need to stop the zombies in their tracks. You may use this function to buy a wide variety of items.

Dead Target APK for Android Download (Unlimited Money)

Dead Target APK For Android is a game that brings the zombies and that specific terror up close and personal. Zombies serve as the primary antagonists in this game, with you serving as the primary protagonist tasked with eliminating them. The zombie population is vast, and like the game’s stages, it never seems to stop. In this game, you’ll have a wide variety of tools at your disposal to help you vanquish your foes and claim victory. The gameplay and other features of this game are worth exploring for yourself. Its numerous useful properties make it an effective weapon against its foes. In the following text, you’ll find every piece of information you need to know about this game. This game provides a variety of features that you might not have expected.

Dead Target for Android – Download the APK

Dead Target APK is a game in which you must eliminate zombies before they get a chance to murder you. You’ll have a variety of weaponry at your disposal, and there are several visually appealing environments in which to engage in combat. DEAD TARGET is a top-tier shooter that features a realistic metropolis overrun by zombies. Your shooting prowess will determine whether or not you survive in this deadly arena. Your objective is to make it out of the zombie metropolis alive. The game’s appeal stems from the fact that, owing to its high-quality visuals and audio, you’ll feel as though you’ve truly entered the world of the game and are battling a wide variety of zombies in a devastated metropolis ravaged by the Zombie Army.

By starting the game, the setting will become clearer. A forlorn and shadowy metropolis where river bodies float aimlessly. That’s because the MZ corporation cheated on the deal by deliberately unleashing a zombie outbreak on the city to blackmail the President into submission. Players will be able to assume the role of a detachment agent tasked with eliminating the living dead. This first-person shooter has a fantastic premise: we must fight unending waves of zombies, testing our reflexes and ability to shoot and reload accurately. Dead Target is only a first-person shooting simulation in which the enemies travel to you. If you choose this option, your character will remain stationary in one area. To aim left, swipe left on the touchscreen.

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Dead Target Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

To fire, tap the right side of the screen. You may instantly turn 90 degrees by tapping a button on the left. You hit the wrath button while you’re being pounded by waves of enemies. This slows the zombies down and causes the cursor to go to where their heads are. Zombies can be quickly cleared out of the way. Dead Target’s grenades can quickly wipe out a large group of zombies, therefore it’s a good idea to stock up on them. The objectives in Dead Target range from “easy” to “boss.” You may choose from several firearms in the game, such as a handgun, an MP5, and a shotgun. More tasks and weapons become available beyond what can be purchased in the shop as your rank increases upon completing accomplishments and missions.


  • Superb 3D animation with realistic materials.
  • As lifelike as a zombie’s yelling may be, the sound effects are spot on.
  • Lots of different weapons to pick from.
  • Online competition through a system of tasks and achievements.
  • Invest in better weapons and armor so you can face your foes with confidence.
  • Zombies come in many varieties.
  • Hundreds of playable maps with dozens of unique objectives.

Dead Target APK for Android Download (Unlimited Money)

Dead Target APK Top Features

Combat Zombies

The game’s basic objective is to eliminate all oncoming zombies. The goal of the game is to kill as many zombies as possible. You can engage them in combat and eliminate them one by one to stay alive and progress through the game.

Lethal Instruments

How can there be a fighting game without lethal weapons? The finest weaponry, such as explosives, shooters, firearms, rifles, canons, and a whole lot more, may be found in this game as well. In this game, you, the player, have access to all of these lethal weapons.

Superb 3D Visuals

The stunning visuals will have you hooked in no time. The 3D visuals are meticulously crafted to transport the user to another realm. Just looking at the game’s stunning 3D visuals will make you want to give it a shot.

Infinite Stages

The incredible thing about this game is the sheer magnitude of its level selection. This game will never finish the way it is now set up, so you, the user, may play through as many levels as you choose. There are a ton of levels for you to play, and there are more on the way.

Multiple Fields of Battle

There are so many potential battlefields that you may pick the one you like most to launch an assault. Pick the one you like most and get the game going.


You may check your standing on the game’s leaderboard to see how you compare to other players. Seeing if you have improved upon your prior high score is as simple as comparing the two.

How To Play:

  • A Dead Target: Zombie Games 3D mod is available for download at
  • The “Unknown Sources” setting must be enabled.
  • First, acquire the Dead Target: Zombie Games 3D hack APK by clicking the button above.
  • Two put the file in your device’s Downloads folder.
  • Third, choose Install and let the process finish.
  • Open the game as soon as it’s finished and start playing it.

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