Greenify Donate Pro v6.0 APK MOD Latest Version Free Download 2022

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Greenify Donate Pro v6.0 APK MOD Latest Version Free Download 2022

Greenify Donate Pro v6.0 APK MOD is the best choice for your device because it helps you with your device and puts misbehaving apps into hibernation when you are not using those apps and to stop them using and also stops dallying your work.

Greenify Donate APK_v6.0

Greenify Donate


  • Your tablet or Mobile must become slower when you installed a lot of apps and there is a lack of space. But with the log Greenify, your device can run these apps fast and easily.
  • Greenify saves your battery life, deletes unimportant or empty files and notifications, and clears bugs, etc.
  • Greenify was developed by Oasis Feng. Greenify also boosts your apps and games and makes them word faster.
  • Greenify allowed you to apply some filters on your screen like increasing or decreasing brightness or darkness.
  • The hibernating you misbehaving apps helps your device a lot and makes it less heavy.
  • Greenify is such an amazing and useful app that helps you to save files and space for your device and also increases its speed.
  • There are a lot of apps in the background of your device which makes your device hang and lower the battery.
  • Download Greenify and lessen your workload from your device and make it work properly and faster than before.

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