METAL SLUG 2 APK Download Free for Android

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METAL SLUG 2 APK Download Free for Android

The Android version of the smash blockbuster game METAL SLUG 2 APK has finally arrived. Once only available on gaming consoles, Android has made the classic Metal Slug II playable whenever and wherever you choose. In Metal Slug 2, the player is given access to a wider variety of weaponry. The Laser can rapidly and efficiently demolish vehicles, and a single blast may wipe out a whole column of soldiers. Fire Bombs may be used to destroy the mummies that appear in the second level. Metal Slug cannons are equipped with armor-piercing rounds that can only be fired in a straight line. More combat vehicles were also available in the game. Although these vehicles were equally as vulnerable to enemy fire as the Metal Slug, they did provide several benefits over the Metal Slug.

METAL SLUG 2 APK Download Free for Android

You can now practice the stages you find most enjoyable and the ones that present the most challenge. You’ll soon be able to take control of more playable characters in battle. Eri, a former super agent, and Fio, the heir to a military dynasty, enlist in the Regular Army’s PF Squad Marco and Tarma to put an end to General Morden’s malicious designs. Eri is a super spy, and Fio comes from a family with a long history in the military. Along the way, you’ll meet a heroic prisoner who, if freed, will fight by your side, as well as a friendly volunteer who will lend you whatever else you need. Since the game’s leveling system hasn’t changed from earlier iterations, gamers should feel right at home.

METAL SLUG 2 APK (Full Game) Download

METAL SLUG 2 APK Download is an improved sequel to METAL SLUG 2 that adds new gameplay elements and weaponry to provide gamers with a more personalized gaming experience. Simultaneously, SNK CORPORATION launched METAL SLUG 2 for mobile devices. This version is visually and functionally identical to the Neogeo text of the same name, but it features enhanced graphics and playability. Players should be delighted because this version of METAL SLUG X lacks numerous features included in METAL SLUG X. There aren’t many standout features in METAL SLUG 2, and the developer has stuck with the tried-and-true formula of providing players with a large number of increasingly challenging levels.

To win the game, you must go through each stage by eliminating all enemies. In addition, Mission mode allows players to select a difficulty at which they can rerun the mode. If a player selects this option, they will be able to play as many times as they like in their preferred mode. Or, players can switch to this mode if they’re having trouble with a particularly challenging section of the game. You take charge of a band of heroes and guide them across the game’s battlefields as they struggle against the forces of evil. Get ready to face General Morden’s evil plans and solve the mystery of his newest coup. This faultless port of the original NEOGEO game not only faithfully recreates the iconic Arcade Mode, but it also offers the exhilarating Mission Mode, allowing you to pick and choose the stage you want to play on.

Free METAL SLUG 2 modern APK Download

Use this time to your advantage by practicing on your preferred levels or pushing yourself to succeed on the toughest ones. You’ll be joined on the battlefield by two new playable characters, the tough Eri (a former super agent) and Fio (the heiress of a prestigious military lineage). They get up with PF Squad members Marco and Tarma of the Regular Army to foil General Morden’s evil plans. The 2D-shooter action of Metal Slug, which has captivated gamers all over the world with its stunning visuals and sharp, colorful pixels, is now available for Android as Metal Slug TOUCH. Players will be amazed and excited by the game’s straightforward controls. Take control of the Metal Slug armored tank and stare down the troops!

To complete a level, the player (1 and 2, Marco Tarma) must consistently engage in a sustained barrage of enemy fire. The boss after each level is significantly larger and more difficult to kill than the other adversaries. As you go through each level, you’ll find new weaponry including the Metal Slug tank, SV-001 (Super Vehicle), which serves as both a weapon and a shield. The gameplay components that made the first Metal Slug so popular have been carried over into the sequel, and new features have been added to keep gamers interested. Marco Rossi and Tarma Roving are two elite soldiers fighting against General Morden’s wicked troops, and the players take on their roles in the game.

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METAL SLUG 2 APK Download Free for Android


  • Metal Slug 2’s action is relentless and side-scrolling, featuring waves of foes, difficult bosses, and powerful weapons.
  • Players may join forces with a buddy in local co-op mode, increasing the excitement and bonding experience of completing the game’s exhilarating objectives.
  • The game has an extensive arsenal of weaponry and power-ups that players may use to rain destruction on their enemies.
  • The armament includes everything from heavy machine guns to rocket launchers, ensuring nonstop action.
  • Visually, Metal Slug 2 is a feast for the eyes, with gorgeous pixel imagery that perfectly captures the spirit of the original arcade release.
  • The game’s combination of action, comedy, and nostalgic appeal has held the attention of players of all ages and skill levels for decades.

How TO Install?

  • Get the Metal Slug 2 APK file by clicking the download icon up top.
  • You’ll need to move the file to your Android smartphone after the download is complete.
  • There are a variety of approaches to take.
  • USB cables and mobile apps like ShareIt and WhatsApp provide wireless alternatives.
  • Make sure installation from unknown sources is enabled in your phone’s settings. In most cases, you may find this setting under the Privacy submenu of the Settings menu.
  • Explore your phone’s storage for the APK file, then launch it.
  • After giving your approval, the app will be installed in the same way as any other app on an Android device.

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