Metal Slug 3 APK Download v2.3 for Android Latest 2024

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Metal Slug 3 APK Download v2.3 for Android Latest 2024

Metal Slug 3 APK is one of the best games on the Play Store for Android Mobile. This Apk Metal Flag is a whole series of games We’re talking about its third Part. Metal Slug 3 Game Size for Android is 79.1MB. The newest adventure arcade game in this legendary story, Metal Slug: Awakening, has been immensely popular since its 1990 release. Under Tencent Games’ tutelage, SNK and TiMi Studios have since created a new game for mobile platforms. As one might anticipate, there are environments where you may experience the rush of taking out targets while swerving around a lot of hazards.

Metal Slug 3 Apk

You can still construct two-dimensional environments and characters in Metal Slug: Awakening. Nevertheless, the creators of this game went one step further and included some 3D textures, giving the game a more unique appearance. The pixel-art aesthetic that makes this series so appealing is partially lost in Metal Slug: Awakening due to its use of 3D materials. The gameplay in this series of games is usually a highlight, so you’ll be able to enjoy yourself while attempting to complete each level. But as you get points, you’ll be able to unlock a ton of the franchise’s most recognizable characters as well as new weapons to take down the toughest foes.

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Features of Metal Slug 3 APK:

  • The Metal Slug 3 APK Download┬áhas four characters.
  • The Metal Slug Three game has two main characters and two female characters.
  • Like the two earlier parts, this is not the same.
  • More than one helicopter attacks you in the Metal Slug 3.
  • In series three, the enemy character does not die with a single bullet You have to show your skill to kill it.
  • In the Metal Slug 3 APK MOD game, Many new enemy characters have been cast Which are quite dangerous And strong too.
  • The metal slug 3 pattern is completely changed from other versions. Elephants have also been added to the IOS of the Metal Slug 3 game.
  • Metal Slug Three Game Can play well with Joystick. Metal Slug 3 game has a lot of amazing effects.
  • Submarines have also been added to the Metal Slug 3 game.
  • Crabs and shark fishes and jellyfish were added to the character of Enemy in the Metal Slug 3 game.
  • In addition, large-scale mosquitoes have also added to enemy characters.
  • In the Metal Slug 3 game, you get the machine gun firing gun rocket launcher and the Enemy Chaser gun.
  • There are two types of bombs found in the Metal Slug Three game. with Enemy Chaser gun you can kill the enemy very easily.
  • Metal Slug 3 has a stage of zombie mode. And there’s a special gun iron laser for this stage.
  • With your character in Metal Slug 3, There is a monkey The one who helps him to kill the enemy.

How To Download Metal Slug APK

  • Remove original game
  • Download modded APK (Sign)
  • Install modded APK
  • Open & Enjoy

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