PUBG-Mobile apk

Pubg Mobile 1.6 Apk with OBB + MOD Free Download 2021

Pubg Mobile 1.6 Apk with OBB + MOD Free Download 2021

Pubg Mobile 1.6 Apk with OBB MOD application is an amazing shooting game, developed in the type of fighting king and quickly became a good competitor of the legendary Garena for free.

Pubg Mobile Apk with OBB MOD is the first royal fighting game on mobile devices. Collect as many resources as possible to beat your opponents and win a chicken dinner! To compensate for the technical problems, the developers have automated some tasks. For example, when a character appears on the battlefield, he automatically chooses weapons.

Pubg Mobile Apk Download 1.6 +OBB Free

PUBG-Mobile apk

Some types of weapons are divided into simple and automatic. The first type will help users deal with enemies over long distances when accuracy is very important, and the other type allows the use of firing points to get the best result in the demolition of the opponent. There are also visual clues on the map, sometimes you can see signs on the mini-map that show from which direction you are shooting your opponents.

The official BATTLEGROUNDs of PLAYERUN anchor are designed exclusively for mobile devices. Play for free anywhere and anytime. Pubg Mobile apk with OBB MOD Free Download offers the most intense free multiplayer action on mobile devices. Go high, get ready, and compete. Survive in the classic epic battles of 100 players, loading mode, zombie mode, and fast death team 4v4. Survival is the key and wins the last position. When the service calls, shoot at will!

Features of Pubg Mobile Apk:

  • Realistic Weapons An increasingly lethal arsenal of firearms, melee weapons, and throwing objects with realistic projectiles and travel routes gives you the option to shoot, defeat, or burn opponents.
  • Mega Battle Maps: From Erangel to Miramar, from Vikendi to Sanhok, compete in massive and detailed battle arenas, ranging in size, terrain, day/night cycles, and dynamic weather, from urban spaces to tundra, forests dense, master the secrets of each Battle square to create your own strategic approach to victory.
  • Travel in style – drive a variety of vehicles, including cars, trucks, motorcycles, and boats, to hunt down your enemies, run around the game area or escape quickly.
  • Play alone, dual, or in teams of 4 players, as you wish. Join the situation
  • I prefer a variety of options.
  • Different types of battle maps to explore.
  • High-quality graphics and high fidelity sound The powerful Unreal Engine 4 creates an amazing visual experience with rich details, realistic game effects, and a high-resolution map for Battle Royale.
  • Free for mobile – powered by Unreal Engine 4. Play quality console games on the go. It offers HD graphics and amazing 3D sound.
  • With customizable portable controls, training modes, and voice chat. Experience smoother control, realistic projectiles, and weapon behavior on a cell phone.

What’s the new Pubg Mobile?

  • Miramar update
  • Additional resources were added to the map, including graphics and enhanced features.
  • A racetrack and Golden Mirado have been added to show off your desert skills!
  • Sandstorm
  • Get ready for survival in extreme weather!
  • A sandstorm theme awaits you to open in the hallway!
  • Cheer Park
  • Try this area with 20 players, where you can talk, fry chicken and dance, and challenge each other!
  • Bluehole mode
  • Are you coming in or out to try this new model?

Get closer, get ready and complement each other. Pubg mobile apk data gives you the most exciting Battle Royale gaming experience you’ve ever had on mobile phones. Choose your favorite game mode and play alone, in a duo, or as a team to win the game! You can play PUGB MOBILE for free anywhere, anytime.


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