TextNow APK for Android Download Latest Version

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TextNow APK for Android Download Latest Version

With free texting, free calling, and free countrywide service, TextNow APK is the best way for more than 100 million customers to remain in touch. With this, people may keep in touch without worrying about the cost of doing so. The first version of the program, designed for use with VoIP technology, was released in 2009. With the normal feature of giving customers a U.S. phone number for use with Wi-Fi calling and texting. As time has passed, they’ve grown into a full-fledged MVNO. This is made possible by utilizing the cellular service provided by the NationWide sprint Network throughout the United States. It provides service through partnering with other mobile phone companies, making it a virtual mobile operator (VMO).

TextNow APK for Android

TextNow APK for Android makes it simple to stay in touch with loved ones who also have the app. Like other instant messaging apps, you may send and receive media assets like images and movies. Free unlimited texting and calling to all Sprint numbers in the US and Canada is included as well. Calls between TextNow users don’t cost a thing. This implies that as part of the regular service, users will be able to include images and emoticons in their communications. There will be no lag in receiving the messages because they are sent at the same pace as your current phone package. Voicemail and call forwarding are two further features offered by the service. Windows users in the US and Canada may download TextNow and use it to make and receive free phone calls and text messages.

TextNow – free text + calls APK for Android

TextNow allows you to speak with anybody with a Wi-Fi or internet connection, and its capabilities are remarkably similar to those of other messaging systems like the old Skype or texting. Without a Wi-Fi connection, you may still use the service, but only if you pay for a premium subscription. Enflick Inc.’s TextNow is a standalone calling service with a free option and a number of paid subscription tiers. TextNow’s features include two-way voice and text chat, picture and sticker sharing, and location sharing. If you have the app loaded on many devices, you may synchronize your messages and access them from any of them. However, it should be noted that the program’s security is problematic, since it is very vulnerable to calls from unknown sources.

The call quality is poor, and it frequently stops working altogether. This software provides free phone calls and text messaging. Because it relies on the internet, all you need is a data plan or access to a wifi network in order to use it; nevertheless, you may make calls to any operator, regardless of whether or not they also use the app. It also enables the user to have a second, custom-selected phone number, which may be quite helpful for segmenting one’s life into distinct professional and personal spheres. To use TextNow is a breeze. To begin the setup process, simply download the file and double-click to launch it. You’ll need to sign in using a Google account or receive a free phone number after installation. To get a new number to use for calling and texting, enter your area code thereafter.

TextNow APK Free Download

The primary page of TextNow displays all of your chats, and all you have to do to write a new message is hit the pencil icon. In contrast, phone calls may be placed by selecting the keyboard icon. A number of innovations, including as instant messaging applications and voice conversations through the VoIP protocol, which had previously only been available on personal computers, were made possible by the advent of the internet on mobile phones. TextNow APK stands out from the crowd by providing a free and limitless way to communicate via phone calls and text messaging. You may make calls and send texts from a virtual phone number of your choosing with the TextNow Android app. It’s a messaging software for staying in touch with loved ones and acquaintances alike.

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TextNow APK for Android

Key Features

  • Calls may be made and received.
  • The app’s suggested methods of earning currency.
  • Chat with other people for as long as you like, free of charge.
  • Multimedia-compatible instant messaging.
  • Phone message.
  • Numerous options for expressing yourself in SMS messages.
  • There are unique tones for incoming calls and alerts.
  • The capability of rapid response.
  • Allows you to put your name on messages.
  • Every benefit comes with a cost, even free stuff.
  • The quantity of commercials you’ll have to go through is the main drawback here, but you can always upgrade to a premium version if you really can’t stand that.
  • Surcharges, albeit modest ones, apply to calls to those who don’t have the app or to other countries.
  • Finally, please be aware that this service is now limited to the United States and Canada.
  • However, you may access it from anywhere by using a virtual private network program.


  • User-Friendly Design
  • All communication is free
  • Complete device synchronization.


  • Low quality of calls

How to Install?

  • If you want to install this application, then first of all click on the activated app’s website
  • After visiting the activated app’s website, download it.
  • After downloading, enable your mobile’s unknown source of your device before installing it.
  • When your application is installed, your application is ready to create a new account.
  • If you have any questions about this article, please tell me in the comment box about TextNow Apk.

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