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Tor Browser Pro Apk MOD v68.11 [2020] Free Download

Tor Browser Pro Apk MOD for Android is the only official mobile browser compatible with the Tor Project, Developers, in the world. The most powerful tool for privacy and freedom of the Internet. Tor Browser for Android v68.11 [Mod] APK Free Download Latest Version for Android Download the full APK of Tor Browser for Android [Mod].

Download Tor Browser Pro Apk MOD 2020

tor browser pro apk mod download

One of the most interesting (and most used) features of the Tor browser for Android is the ability to isolate every website you visit so that trackers and ads can’t track you from one site to another. Each time you leave a page, your cookies will delete automatically.

Features Tor Browser PremiumApk :

  • Block tracking – Tor Browser isolates every website you visit so that third-party ads and trackers can’t track you.
  • Protection against surveillanceThe Tor browser Pro Apk prevents anyone from following your connection from knowing which websites you are visiting. Anyone who monitors your browsing habits can see that they are using Tor.
  • Resistant footprint – Tor aims to make all users look the same, making it difficult to get their fingerprints based on information from your browser and device.
  • Multi-layer encryption – When you use the Tor browser for Android, your traffic is transmitted and encrypted three times as it passes through the Tor network. The network consists of thousands of servers managed by volunteers, known as Tor Relays. Watch this animation to learn more about how it works:
  • Move freely – With the Tor browser for Android, you can access sites that your local internet service provider has been able to block.

What’s News Tor Browser Pro Apk?

  • Bug Fix

Download Latest Version Of Tor Browser Apk And Get Free Privacy And VPN Mode. If You Have Any Kind Of Problem Then Let Us Know About In Comments.


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