Truecaller 13.15.7 Apk for Android + MOD Lastest Version 2023

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Truecaller 13.15.7 Apk for Android + MOD Free Download 2023

Truecaller 13.15.7 Apk MOD is a mobile application. It is used in both Android and iOS.This application has many advantages through this, we can identify the name of any person who calls. If he has put his number on WhatsApp or Instagram and the user name attached to it will be the name shown.If we dial a number on our mobile, along with the number that will be dialed, the user name ID of that dial 13 number will also be shown. You can easily record calls with this application and it has no limitation or recording. It has a caller ID option so whenever someone will call you will get complete information from that caller because it will show you the name of that caller.

Truecaller Caller ID block robocalls spam SMS 13 Activatedapp.Com

If you are in tension because of scam calls and text messages, then don’t worry because we have a complete solution for this problem. Truecaller is an application that has the ability to save your number from scammers so while having this app you will get full protection. You can block unwanted calls and messages through this application so you will never get interrupted by anything. Truecaller is a communication app that provides multiple features that you can use according to your requirement

Truecaller is a communication app that comes in the standard version that you can get from anywhere on the internet. This is a free application which means that you don’t need money to download this app on your smart device. You can use all the free features and options of Truecaller in standard but if you want to get premium features then you have to purchase the premium version then you have to spend real money. This version of Truecaller contains ads like popups and video ads.

Truecaller apk


Release and uses:

Scandinavia A.B. developed this application in July 2009. Is a Swedish man creating applications that was a worker inside a BlackBerry company? This application is used mostly in Asia and Europe.

Truecaller 13 Apk application is the most widely installed application in Europe and Asia and is used daily. The daily use of this application is 6 million.

Updation and Features:

  • Truecaller 13 Apk for Android MOD application is also smoothed through software such that we can install it on our PC as well.
  • If we get a call from an unknown person, then it will make the world name and username.
  • If a number is not saved in our contact list, then it will save the number from its username on more than one time call from the same number.
  • As soon as a call is received, a new window appears on the mobile screen Opens in which the detail of the caller is written.

How To Install the Truecaller app:

  • To install this application, first of all, visit the activated app website where you will be able to easily find this application.
  • After downloading this application from the activated app, go to its mobile settings and enable its unique source and then install it.
  • Once installed, install your Phone number inside it.
  • If you have any questions about this app then please contact us in the contact us form۔


No doubt that Truecaller is a great application because it protects its users from scam calls and messages. That’s why millions trust this application because of these quality features and it is a highly recommended app on the internet. So if you want a complete setup of Truecaller then download it from our website by following a few simple steps. Protect yourself with this app and make sure to leave your thoughts in the comment section.

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