Vault APK for Android Download Full Version

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Vault APK for Android Download Full Version

Vault APK is a smartphone app that may be used to secretly store media files. More than 100 million people across the world are currently utilizing Vault’s free privacy-enhancing tools, such as App Lock, Private Bookmark, Incognito Browser, Cloud Backup, and many more! Now is the time to join them. Vault isn’t only for passwords; it can be used to safely store and quickly recover any other sensitive data as well. Thanks to its searchable elements, you may quickly locate the data you need and copy it with a single mouse click. To keep your data safe and accessible at all times, Vault is dedicated to being free, open-source, and decentralized.

Vault APK for Android is a decentralized password management and note-taking tool for the Chrome web browser that is free to use and open-source. Vault, created by Jingles, places a premium on privacy by storing information on the NOSTR network and employing zero-knowledge encryption. Vault provides double encryption to ensure that your passwords and notes are safe. Your information is encrypted twice: once with your private key, and once with your passphrase. Your passwords and private notes are safe since they are encrypted twice. This means the Vault software provides 100% safety. In addition, you may utilize the app store to purchase and read novels of the romance variety and other genres. Click the “Download” button up top to get the app right now.

Vault Apk Download Latest Version

Vault-Hide SMS, Pics & movies function similarly to a safe in which you may store your sensitive data such as text messages, photos, and movies. For individuals who worry about others getting their hands on their phones, this software is a godsend, as the secure vault can only be accessed with a password. Vault-Hide SMS, Pics, and videos will safely store your private data until you’re ready to access it or remove it from your device. You may save social network contacts and their information, as well as numbers you don’t necessarily want to maintain in your contact list, on your phone, alongside the usual photos and videos. Both the contact and the discussion history with that person are saved. In addition, we record your phone calls, so no one can listen in on your conversations.

This is great software for keeping your personal information safe, but it may be too discreet for certain people. The Vault software provides tools for concealing certain phone numbers. The concealed contacts and any calls made to or from them will remain secret. It also has a security function that notifies you if someone breaks in. When someone enters a wrong password while trying to access your secret files, the app will snap a snapshot of them using their front-facing camera. The fake vault function, which substitutes a false icon for the real one, is also quite helpful. When your annoying pals try to pest or abuse you, you may throw them for a loop by using this feature. If someone like your parents insists on seeing what’s inside, you may always use the dummy Vault that doesn’t reveal your private data.

Vault Apk Download Latest Version For Android

Our personal lives are now condensed onto our mobile devices. And this might be a concern if unauthorized people can access your private life. To avoid this, you may store sensitive information in a password-protected vault using Vault-Hide SMS, Pictures, and Videos. Photos, movies, and even whole Facebook friend lists or phone books may all find a home in one of the many available safes. We may hide not just their presence but also any communication with them when we implant them. If you care deeply about your privacy, Vault-Hide SMS, Pics & Videos is an app you must have. This program is the perfect defense against a jealous partner, as it can keep a user’s most private information safe.


  • Photos and videos are password-protected protected so that only the owner of the phone has access to them. For added safety, you may back up your media files to Cloud Storage.
  • Protect your social photography, telephone, and other sensitive apps with App Lock (Privacy Protection).
  • When a you use Private Browser, your online activity is not recorded. Additionally, you may bookmark a page privately.
  • Always have a copy of your precious memories by backing them up to the cloud.
  • By syncing your data between devices, you may effortlessly move it from your old phone to your new one using the Cloud Backup function.
  • Are you concerned that you could forget your password? Vault allows you to set up a secure order to recover your data.


  • It’s a fantastic program for making safe file conversions.
  • Contacts and conversations are archived.
  • The files are saved there.
  • The password is unique to you; no one else will know it.
  • It’s well-made and functionally implemented.
  • The program makes it possible to neatly arrange the displays.


  • It might be too secretive or personal at times.

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