YouTube Vanced APK v19.21.34 Download Full Version

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YouTube Vanced APK v19.21.34 Download Full Version

YouTube Vanced APK Also known as iYTBP (YouTube Improved Background Reproduction) previously developed by Master_T, a major contributor to XDA Forums stopped the project, and other developers took it over and renamed it “Vanced”. is a popular Crack version of YouTube. Add lots of features to the official YouTube app, including built-in ad blocking, background play, black/dark themes, and more.

Online streaming is a technique for making audio, video, and all other multimedia assets quickly available just by an active internet. In simple words, Online streaming has enabled more comfortable access to all multimedia resources globally available. In all of these platforms, the online video platform is notably outstanding. It’s a mixture of numerous services such as Online Video Streaming, Online Video Sharing, Live Streaming, and many other excellent facilities. The competition among all the Global Video Platforms is getting damn powerful nowadays.

YouTube Vanced APK Download Full Version

YouTube Vanced Apk

If you want to watch the video, what tool do you think of first? YouTube is the most powerful video social network today. We can understand that tens of thousands of hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube every day. We can find videos with many problems. The culture, technology, and history of cooking exist; Music videos are a bit more popular because of this channel.

The idea behind the project is based on the Xposed unit for playing YouTube videos. Master_T (iYTBP developer) removed all the features of the Xposed Module and injected them into the original YouTube application because Xposed for Android Nougat was still in beta at the time and lasted more than a year until the beginning. This is why the iYTBP application is developed with the features of the Xposed module.

The version of the original YouTube application is called Youtube Vanced MOD APK. Because these YouTube features will be used for free, they will be available after you purchase a YouTube Premium membership. As the wallpaper, no ads, pop-up windows, dark mode, etc. The most interesting part about YouTube Vanced APK is that it lets you listen to videos in the background, even when your smartphone screen is off. This way, you can easily listen to music and even use YouTube to listen to podcasts at any time.


  • All ads are prohibited, so you can watch any video without delay or pause. Reduces time and increases human interest in watching videos.
  • Change the look (black/dark/pink/red)
  • More apps on YouTube
  • No root is to need
  • New dynamic player
  • Volume control slider
  • Brightness control
  • Change the speed and accuracy of the video.
  • Autoplay function.
  • If you want to see any zoom-in or out. You can do this with the help of the YouTube Vanced App. Let me tell you, this is a very nice feature that you can’t find in the original YouTube version.

This page contains installation instructions and download links for non-rooted devices. You can find YouTube Vanced APK MOD for root devices here.

How To Download:

  • Download and install the latest UPS (Split APK Installer) application;
  • Download this application from a file. APK & zip;
  • Install and open UPS / Choose “Install APK” / Search button and select the APK file application. Unloaded;
  • Wait for the installation. Enjoy!

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